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Welcome to the Maid of Fibre...


The Maid of Fibre is the name of our canal boat, the first of its kind, that has been converted into a sanctuary for knitters to come and view yarns from all over the world and explore the fantastic range of natural and blended yarns that we supply.

Whilst we travel across England and Wales down inland water ways onboard a 60 foot narrow boat, we invite you to come onboard for a unique experience and view next season's trends in a tranquil part of the country, outside of the shop, whilst relaxing and enjoying the countryside.

We provide appointments to suit you. You may wish to join us in the morning for breakfast before you start your day, or alternatively for lunch, or dinner and drinks after you finish work. You can book your stay onboard for up to 7 days at a time.

It is free and very simple to book an appointment. Click the Welcome Aboard link for further information, then Register or click Book Appointment once you have registered. You will be provided with 2 menus for you to select "board" date/time and "unboard" date/time. Once you have booked, we will check that everything is okay then email you your boading pass including boading/unboarding locations, within 24 hours of you booking. Feel free to bring your knitting tools for a pleasant day out.

For further information please click on the About links. We hope to see you onboard.

Live Location...

The map below provides you with the Maid of Fibre's current location (powered by Google Latitude). The map does not refresh automatically, therefore please refresh your browser if you have left the page static for a while.

If you see us whilst out and about, feel free to stop us. Alternatively email us to arrange a convenient time and location for you.