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You can combine business and pleasure!..........

Written by (Stratford Herald), on 21/02/11

Who would have thought that two very different leisure activities could come together, so successfully and in such a relaxing, enjoyable and therapeutic manner.

Brothers Stewart and Richard Ellis, both salesmen in the wool industry, made a conscious decision for their office to be available to them as they move about the country. What a better way to do this than on a narrowboat.

The benefit of having an office that travels with you, through the network of canals country wide, is that not only are you basing yourself within the areas of your client base, you now have the facility to offer the retailer and their customers the opportunity to “COME ABOARD” the “Maid of Fibre”, a 60ft narrowboat and enjoy double the leisure, knitting and cruising the canals.

What a better way to find time to sit and knit amongst friends and colleagues. Stewart and Richard offer presentations and demonstrations on board, where their customers spend time with them. These trips are tailor made to suit the guests. You may wish to start your day with breakfast before setting off, maybe coffee and croissant or bacon sandwiches. Perhaps a trip with lunch included or even to finish the day with a meal. There is even an option of commissioning “Maid of Fibre” for up to a week, obviously numbers would be limited, but with a well planned itinerary, the retailer could then invite a different customer group each day, while being able to stay on-board.

For further details and options of how this may work for you, then do not hesitate to contact either Stewart or Richard, (*contact details below). With advance booking and forward planning, it is possible to bring “Maid of Fibre” relatively close to you on the network of canals that run through the British countryside, and what better way of seeing it than cruising along at two miles an hour.

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