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Seamstresses take to the Thames


Written by Andrew Pearce (Bucks Free Press), on 10/10/10

THE seven seas met the seven seamstresses as a group of Marlow-based women turned the River Thames into a sewing haven.

Judy, Val, Tessa, Christine, Sarah Vanessa and Joy, from Lady Sew and Sew welcomed people on board the Maid of Fibre for an insight into the world of wool.

The 60-foot narrow boat - dubbed a sanctuary for knitters - provides a unique sea-borne insight into world-wide yarns.

The shipmates set sail from Marlow Lock for a handful of two-hour round trips to Cookham while guests explored the range of yarns on display.

“It was a brilliant day, people were able to learn a great deal about knitting and wool from around the world,” explained Judy Edwards.

“The only cloud on the horizon was that one person felt a bit sea sick by the end of the journey!”

The canal boat continually tours England but it may have found its spiritual home in Marlow.

“People seemed genuinely sad when the trip was over, Marlow proved to be an outstanding location,” explained boat owner Stewart Ellis.

“Next year we will look to stay here for longer.”